Supremacy is the Best!

Supremacy is sent to put down a robot rampage and naturally the government send some cameras to capture her victory. This is exactly what those who sent the robot wanted. With Supremacy over-confident, and the broadcast feed taken over, they can show Supremacy's weaknesses to the people as they aim to discredit her and the oppressive government she unwittingly supports!

Running Time: 10:08 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Marvelette: Generation Z - Part 2


Marvelette has gotten herself in deep. Unmasked, and chained by Generation Z psycho-anarchists. Fortunately, Marvelette's self-promotion has led to a rescue mission, by none other than Miracle Maiden. The eyes of the anarchists light up, to capture Miracle Maiden is a dream, but do the anarchists under-estimate Marvelette in their haste for the bigger prize?

Running Time: 11:33 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Marvelette: Generation Z - Part 1


Marvelette's heroine career is coming on leaps and bounds after her broadcast victory over a mob thug earlier in the year. Her social media following has vastly improved and she is now receiving much more interesting assignments. Today she faces the bizarre anarchist group 'Generation Z' - Surely a simple take down for our justice warrior in Black and Gold? WRONG! 

Running Time: 12:50 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Metro-Girl: Dark Money


Tough federation agent Metro-Girl has caught crime kingpin Falcone and is interrogating him about interference in the Presidential elections. She is taking a tremendous risk and her mentor Agent Cusack decides to end the extra-judicial interview early. Falcone can't resist taunting Metro-Girl however and things move into violence. It turns out to be a trap and the heroines suit is depowered and she is framed. Can she fight her way to escape? Or will she be captured? 

Running Time: 12:26 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Marvelette & The Mob


Bright young heroine 'Marvelette' is desperate to make a name for herself as a world class crimefighter, but despite her several good deeds no one seems to be taking notice. That is until she runs into Mob Boss Falcone. A man who is always looking for an edge. He poisons Marvelette and forces her to fight on live stream against a powerful gangster for the antidote, but there is more than heroine humiliation on his mind...

Running Time: 12:23 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Our Protector


Mighty Supremacy is sworn to protect her adopted planet in the name of truth and justice. So when a symbiotic duo arrive threatening to exterminate all life then she is bound to confront them. As the fight begins it is clear that Supremacy has a clear strength advantage, but this telepathic twosome seem to learn as they go, drawing power where needed until the tables are turned. Can Supremacy find a way to win?

Running Time: 15:03 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $18.95

Who Are You?


Miracle Maiden calls a meeting with a newcomer to Earth: 'Supreme Girl'. The Amazon is suspicious of the Lady in Blue and Red since she appears to bring trouble wherever she goes. Yet when Supreme Girl arrives for the parlez, she holds the same suspicions about Miracle Maiden! A fight ensues with each heroine looking to show her dominance over the other until weaknesses are clearly exposed. At that point their true enemy show itself, and it's bad news for heroines!

Running Time: 10:02 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Vixen Vanquished


As if fighting Feline Fury wasn't difficult enough, this time Shadow Fox has to face her new heroine smasher robot 'Scourge'. The mechanical beast obeys every command the wicked villainess gives, and these are mostly concerned with beating and humiliating our heroine. Scourge lives up to its name by terrorising Shadow Fox with some brutal moves that could end her heroic career. Can Shadow Fox find a way to battle back against this vicious double-team?

Running Time: 12:17 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Catastrophic Encounter


Shadow Fox returns to crime fighting soon after her battle with Falcone and his mind control serum. This time she is chasing down Feline Fury, a nemesis of Miracle Maiden who has been causing trouble on Shadow Fox's turf this time.

When Shadow Fox corners the cat a fight inevitably ensues,  things start to go well for the heroine. However, there is one big problem... The mind control serum used against her by Falcone has not entirely worn off!

Running Time: 12:23 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Battle For The Crown


Miracle Maiden meets with the Amazonian Council to answer a challenge from a young, ambitious Amazon. This tall and strong-looking blonde is named Fausta, and she is determined to win the tiara and title of Miracle Maiden. So determined in fact that before the battle commences she uses knock-out gas to weaken Diana. As the battle evolves it seems the two combatants are equally matched, but when Fausta delivers a rag of chloroform to Miracle Maiden's airways, the tide turns decisively. Who will win? 

Running Time: 15:01 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $18.95

Shadow Fox Shackled!


After her deadly duel with Don Falcone and his Goons, Shadow Fox sadly came up short. Now, shackled to a chair, she is at the mercy of the crime lord. So what are his plans for her? The mob has been developing a compliance serum for taking over the city's drug addicts, and in Shadow Fox they have the perfect test subject. As the serum takes hold, the Purple Paladin is placed in one humiliating situation after another, including the worst of all... the removal of her cowl, giving away her true identity. Can our heroine find a way out of this disaster?

Running Time: 21:50 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $19.95

Shadow Fox Outfoxed!


When the mob concoct a new drug capable of brainwashing its users, beautiful vigilante Shadow Fox springs into action, attacking a mob safe-house in an attempt to destroy the prototype. But her over-confidence costs her and the mobsters are soon doling out painful, humiliating face slaps and body blows which leave her defeated. When the Don shows up, he decides the she will make a perfect guinea pig for his new Compliance Serum. Held at gunpoint, the feisty femme fatale is only able to squirm in protest as he first beats her into submission then chloroforms her. 

Running Time: 12:08 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Miracle Maiden vs Feline Fury


After being lured into danger and almost succumbing to the 'Amazon Smasher', an exhausted Miracle Maiden wakes to find herself face to face with her a new foe... Feline Fury.

This villainous Hell-Cat despises everything Miracle Maiden stands for and is going to use the heroines current state of weakness to steal her powers, which means her costume, and finish her for good. Can our beautiful champion of justice overcome the humiliating intentions of Feline Fury and get the victory? Or will she lose her powers and sense of purpose in one fell swoop?


Running Time: 14:12 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $17.95

Miracle Maiden vs Amazon Smasher


When Diana Duke is alerted to a kidnapping, her sleuthing skills lead her to the abductors hideout. Without fear she enters the villainous lair, safe in the knowledge that with a few spins she can become Miracle Maiden! Unfortunately the kidnapping story is in fact a trap to train the Princess of the Amazons unto the lens of a villain known as 'The Producer'. His plan; to bring about the defeat of the heroine using a cyborg of his creation known as the 'Amazon Smasher'. Will Miracle Maiden be destroyed?



Running Time: 13:29 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $16.95

Miracle Maiden & The Monster


Miracle Maiden returns and this time has been convinced into performing at a charity event to help raise funds for sick animals, but all is not as it seems as Miracle Maiden finds herself 'locked in' with an animal much sicker than she had envisaged. An animal by the name of 'Goliath' who seeks to tear her apart! A reluctant Miracle Maiden must either fight the aggressive Goliath or be dragged away and turned into a tasty treat for it to enjoy in it's jungle hideout!



Running Time: 11:07 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Miracle Maiden Appears!


The Amazon takes on The Fourth Reich - Villains hellbent on world domination. When she foils their plot to steal a missile they try to gun her down. She deflects the bullets and interrogates them with her magic lasso. But she is weakened by surprise poison and is soon a overcome as they attempt to teach her a lesson in pain and humiliation. Can Miracle Maiden overcome these odds? Or will her golden lasso be used against her? Forcing her to reveal her secret identity?



Running Time: 11:07 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Running Time: 11:10 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Action Cosplay - FINALE


Mia has been auctioned back to Rico Relentless and he wants to keep her as a boot-licking slave. Mia, believing herself to be fully super-powered, surprises him by fighting back stronger than ever and it's not until he weakens her with a green crystal that he regains the upper hand. It is short-lived though as Mia begins to remember herself and starts to come out of the comic dimension. Rico now decides his only chance is to kill her. Can Mia survive his attacks long enough to get out of this nightmare?


Running Time: 10:12 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Action Cosplay - Part 5


Mia wakes alone and confused after her last battle, but the fight is never over as two karate thugs appear and attack her. Using her super-strength, and super-breath she soon has them subdued but when Darius arrives things get much more serious. He empowers the thugs with greater strength and Mia is now outnumbered 3 to 1. Darius is determined to win this time and ruthlessly defeats Mia with her own cape, among other things. What will her fate be now? (Contains alternate endings)


Action Cosplay - Part 4


Mia might have found herself a hideout, but it doesn't mean she's safe. This time a 'Cat-Like- Villainess is out to get her and she's brought one of those deadly green rocks to ensure that Mia will be subdued, and if that doesn't work then there is always chloroform. Can Mia get past this encounter and learn any more about who is trying to destroy her?


Running Time: 9:30 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Action Cosplay - Part 3


Mia escaped Darius by the skin of her teeth and is now being hunted all over this bizarre comic book city. As she tries to seek refuge in new place she is found by two mean looking bad girls clad in sexy black costumes. They work out who she is and decide to try and take her down. Mia's strength seems to be growing however and she gives them a very powerful demonstration, but does she go too far? 


Running Time: 9:23 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Action Cosplay - Part 2


Mia finds herself wandering around a city she recognises but there are no people. She is also feeling strangely heroic. This new-found courage is put to the test when she runs into a very large villain who wants to take her with him. Mia though, growing in confidence will not go with him without a fight and the two clash in a mighty battle. This time the villain is as strong as she is. Can Mia find a way to win? 


Running Time: 11:41 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $13.95

Action Cosplay - Part 1


A beautiful model named Mia Melee goes to a photoshoot and gets sucked into another dimension when she puts on a Supergirl costume. In this new place she has all the power and weaknesses of Supergirl but none of the experience, and must battle the highly dangerous 'Rico Relentless'.  




Running Time: 13:33 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $16.95


Reclaim The Crown

Diana is merely a slave to the current Miracle Maiden Fausta. When she takes her on an intelligence gathering mission on 'Generation Z', Diana doesn't expect it to turn into a brutal altercation. Far worse, it seems that Fausta has instigated the whole thing for nefarious ends. However, Diana pledged herself to Fausta... Surely she won't go back on her vows?

Running Time: 16:37 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $19.95

Trust or Treason?

Miracle Maiden is called to speak to the new Director of the Federation, Cusack. He is bitter about Metro-Girl going rogue and needs to know if his other agents are trustworthy. What better way to find out than use the 'Lasso of Truth'? Cusack capitalises on Miracle Maiden dropping her guard and mind-controls her to a degrading defeat! 

Running Time: 15:16 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $18.95

Falcone's Pet

A thief working for Falcone steals Marvelette's mask on the street and lures her to a meeting with her benefactor. Falcone is very unhappy with her avoiding his calls, she forgets her place and needs to be taught a lesson. Marvelette laughs at this, but she isn't laughing for long. How did he become so strong?

Running Time: 13:27 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $16.95

Miracle Chick Ascends!

A new heroine is on the scene and she is fixing to put a stop to the dangerous operatives of Generation Z. It soon becomes clear that attempting to reason with them is hopeless, and violence ensues. Their powerful new weapon may have what it takes to stop Miracle Chick in her tracks, and Gen Z would like nothing more than to embarrass a new recruit!

Running Time: 10:14 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $12.95

Running Time: 16:07 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $18.95

Marvelette: Anti-Heroic

Feline Fury's fake bomb trick lures what she hopes will be a top-level heroine into a perfect trap. What she gets is the up-and-coming young Marvelette. Enraged by this slight she decides to teach the inexperienced heroine a harsh lesson. Plying her with 'Anti-Heroic' gas, she causes the good girl to lose focus and confidence in her abilities, making her easy prey for the cat's claws!

Running Time: 16:00 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $18.95

Supremacy Humbled

Supremacy thought she was the strongest being on the planet. Unfortunately, Nemesis isn't from her planet! The Dark God makes his point by humiliating Supremacy with KO after KO after KO. He alters her powers and even her costume, turning her into 'Inferiority' for the fight. His desire to ruin her cannot be sated in this one-sided epic destruction.

Running Time: 16:50 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $19.95

Parallel Maidens

Miracle Maiden is shown that she doesn't have the Gen Z threat under control when #43 fights back with a mysterious weapon that switches her powers (and costume) with versions of her from alternate Earth's. At times she is stronger, weaker, and even a little bit naughty. A big fight follows and the villain is determined to gain the upper hand and defeat our heroine.

Running Time: 12:13 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $14.95

New Power Generation

Metro-Girl's isolation from the Federation is used against her by the freshly re-named 'New Power Generation' as they test her power-suit under appalling conditions. They have endowed Z43 with electrical superpowers and need to know if he is harmful enough to unleash on other heroines. Metro-Girl starts well, but is soon overcome and her suit starts to fail... Will she become prey to the 'New Power Generation'?

Running Time: 12:06 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $15.95

Miracle Chick v S.A.R.C

Miracle Chick goes into battle for all flesh and blood heroines of the Federation as she takes on their newest creation: S.A.R.C (Stephanie Anderson Robotic Cyborg) a rather testy machine based on the Chief Engineer's wife. Miracle Chick is confident of easy victory, but S.A.R.C changes her mind quickly with a heavy hook. Cyborg brutality follows in abundance. Can Miracle Chick clear her head and fight back?

Running Time: 15:28 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $18.95

Raising The Bar - Part 1

Marvelette rushes to what she thinks will be the takedown of the century. All the mob bosses in one place except for one, Falcone, her benefactor. Instead, she is dismayed to find a lone black figure stalking the building; the Dark God 'Nemesis'. He knows about her under-the-table dealings with Falcone, and wants her to understand just how power really works. Furiously, Marvelette attacks... BIG mistake!

Running Time: 18:03 / Delivery: Instant Download / Price: $21.95

Raising The Bar - Part 2

Marvelette's harsh lesson at the hands of Nemesis continues as she finds herself chained and then bodily controlled by the Dark God's mysterious powers. Her attempts to fight him fall miserably short and she cries for more power, but even when granted in the form of Miracle Maiden she is still crushed. Perhaps this is a lesson in humility for Marvelette? If only she would learn it!