Trust or Treason?

Miracle Maiden is called to speak to the new Director of the Federation, Cusack. He is bitter about Metro-Girl going rogue and needs to know if his other agents are trustworthy. What better way to find out than use the 'Lasso of Truth'?


Miracle Maiden reluctantly allows this mere 'man' to use her sacred artefact, and soon finds that she has made a terrible mistake! Using hypnotic powers of his own, Cusack mind-controls a helpless Miracle Maiden to obey all of his degrading commands, while being completely aware of the world around her. How will this play out?

What is Action Cosplay?

Mighty Superheroines thrown into battle and dangerous situations with their super-skills tested to the limit. Action Cosplay brings some of the best actors and stunt artists in the genre to entertain and amaze!

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