Reclaim The Crown

Having lost her Miracle Maiden Crown in dubious circumstances, Diana now finds herself the slave to her conqueror Fausta. What would appear to be a simple intelligence gathering mission on dangerous new threat 'Generation Z' actually turns into a full-on fight with Diana pitted against Z43. The masked villain with his enhanced strength makes mincemeat out of poor Diana. Her only hope is to be lent her old crown to increase her power.


Surprisingly, Fausta agrees and Diana appears to defeat Z43. Then it is time to give the crown back. Will Diana be tempted to keep it? Or has a far deeper, and darker situation been devised? 

What is Action Cosplay?

Mighty Superheroines thrown into battle and dangerous situations with their super-skills tested to the limit. Action Cosplay brings some of the best actors and stunt artists in the genre to entertain and amaze!

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