New Power Generation

Metro-Girl is an outcast and borderline fugitive from the Federation after Cusack and Falcone worked together to frame her. This does not mean she will no longer fight for justice. Generation Z (now renaming themselves 'New Power Generation') prey on her goodwill by having her attend an emergency only she knows about. Instead of being what she expected, she must take on Z43, newly empowered with lightning and electricity.

She has not only been selected because of her isolation, but also to test his new might against her power-suit. If Z43 can destroy the suit, then he could in theory threaten anyone in the Federation. Can Metro-Girl defend against this new threat? Or become a mind slave of the 'New Power Generation'?


What is Action Cosplay?

Mighty Superheroines thrown into battle and dangerous situations with their super-skills tested to the limit. Action Cosplay brings some of the best actors and stunt artists in the genre to entertain and amaze!

New NGC Trailers

NGC Productions has several new Superheroine related products coming out regularly. This is a place to see featured trailers and teasers for upcoming and newly-released videos. Check back regularly for new developments.


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