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Daring Vengeance

Authoritarian has made a fool out of the Federation for far too long. With his public capture and humiliations of both Power-Woman and Astral Amazon, something MUST be done! Enter a new Supremacy, one with the skills and supreme confidence to not only match the villain, but overcome him. Her mission is two-fold; subdue Authoritarian, and discover his power source - something that must surely exist to make him so strong.

Naturally, he won't take this lying down, and is determined to push Supremacy beyond her power limits and add her to his collection of defeated and captive Federation superheroines. Can she get the win the Fed desperately need? Or will she become another of his conquests? Find out now...

What is Action Cosplay?

Mighty Superheroines thrown into battle and dangerous situations with their super-skills tested to the limit. Action Cosplay brings some of the best actors and stunt artists in the genre to entertain and amaze!

New NGC Trailers

Assert Films has several new Superheroine related products coming out regularly. This is a place to see featured trailers and teasers for upcoming and newly-released videos. Check back regularly for new developments.


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