Miracle Chick v S.A.R.C

The Federation is always under threat. It's enemies are everywhere, internal and external. To survive, it must adapt... And if that means creating an army of super-cyborgs then so be it! A prototype known as S.A.R.C (Stephanie Anderson Robotic Cyborg) has been created based on the chief engineers wife. She is very powerful and quite sarcastic too as a side effect of the DNA exchange. Miracle Chick has been sent to overcome the cyborg and prove the continued worth of flesh and blood superheroines. 'Easy' she thinks, until S.A.R.C hits her!

What follows is a brutal lesson in pain from the cyborg as Miracle Chick struggles to clear her head. If she fails it could spell doom for all the heroines of the Federation, though rather than at the hands of a super-villain, instead they will be choked by their own side's machine!


What is Action Cosplay?

Mighty Superheroines thrown into battle and dangerous situations with their super-skills tested to the limit. Action Cosplay brings some of the best actors and stunt artists in the genre to entertain and amaze!

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Photos by: Joe Golby